Stephen M. Ward Jr.


Stephen M. Ward, Jr., has served as a member of the KLXE Board since September 2018, and continued to serve as a member of the KLXE Board upon completion of the merger with QES in July 2020. He served on the Board of Directors of KLX Inc. from December 2014 until its sale to The Boeing Company in October 2018. Mr. Ward has been a director of Carpenter Technology Corporation since 2001, where he is Chair of the Corporate Governance Committee and a member of the Human Resources and Science and Technology Committees. Mr. Ward previously served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Lenovo Corporation, which was formed by the acquisition of IBM Corporation’s personal computer business by Lenovo of China. Mr. Ward had spent 26 years at IBM Corporation holding various management positions, including Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President and General Manager, Personal Systems Group. Mr. Ward is a co-founder and Board member of, a company that develops and sells internet of things software for analytics and control. Mr. Ward was previously a Board member and founder of E2open, a maker of enterprise software, and a Board member of E-Ink, a maker of high-tech screens for e-readers and computers, and the Chairman of the Board of QDVision, the developer and a manufacturer of quantum dot technology for the computer, TV and display industries until its sale. Our Board benefits from Mr. Ward’s broad executive experience and focus on innovation enables him to share with the KLXE Board valuable perspectives on a variety of issues relating to management, strategic planning, tactical capital investments and growth.

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